Data Backup: local and cloud

Sometimes we do not understand the cost of data loss till it happens. However, that may not be the most prudent way to learn the importance of protecting your data, against possible data loss scenarios. We provide custom data backup solutions tailored to your budget and requirements. Each solution is based on the fault tolerance required by a specific business. The time to restore from a backup varies based on the backup solutions and strategies employed. Our goal is to help you navigate through the myriad of backup solution and implement a backup strategies that best fit your business needs.

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If and when you experience data loss and you need the data restored from backup there are two crucial metrics that measure the success of restore:

  1. Amount of lost data recovered: It is most crucial to get the data restored to the fullest possible with minimal missing data. Data loss can cause a lot and may have legal consequences as well.
  2. Amount of time to recover the data: When a business loses data, it potentially loses revenue, besides reputation. The longer any incident of data loss occurs, the worse it is for the business revenue.

While there are several backup solutions out in the market, it is only when you test one in your environment that matters for confirmation.Schedule to speak with one of our experienced technicians and we can have you setup with the most robust backup solution and strategy.